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  Longtime and intensive courses at the Costa Blanca



Longtime course


We start new beginners´ courses every month, but it's always possible to join already existing classes. You'll be asked to do a short entry-level test to find out which would be the appropriate class and level for you.

Longtime courses are open, that is to say, you can decide, in a kind of modular system, how long and how often you want to take part. 

Course fee is due on a monthly basis and refers to 8 classes (1,5 hours each) per month. There is no obligation for long-term participation (minimum one month).


   Intensive courses 


El taller de idiomas starts intensive courses every month. Duration: 2, 3 or 4 weeks. Monday till Friday. Classes are 4 hours (á 45 min) per day,

 they usually start at 11 o´clock and end at 2 o´clock.


      Private tuition

Private tuition can be freely arranged with the teacher. Duration 60 minutes/hour.



   Longtime courses  Intensive courses  Private tuition  
 per hour      17 €  
1 week   120 €    
 2 weeks    220 €     
 3 weeks    310 €    
 per month  70 €  400 €     

The monthly fee can be paid in cash, by credit card, Paypal or bank transfer.

Terms and conditions:

Teaching material is not included in the monthly course fee.

Payment is due at the beginning of the month. Public holidays do not lead to a reduction of the course fee. With regard to school holidays

or illness of the teacher the school will reduce the monthly payment accordingly. If a student misses a class due to private or health reasons 

this cannot be deducted from the monthly fee. Refunding is only possible under justified and exceptional circumstances which must be 

explained to the management in advance. No subsequent refundings. Private lessons are to be paid on a weekly basis in advance. 

Scheduled classes must be paid, cancellations are only possible free of cost if they are made until one day before the class is scheduled.

Max. number of students in a class is 12, if this number decreases strongly in time, the management will be entitled to merge classes, 

provided that the students´ level of knowledge allows it.


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